In this week’s In Case You Missed It, a look at how native and recommended content advertising deals have helped build modern media empires like Buzzfeed, Vice, and The Washington Post. After the realization that audiences are increasingly difficult to monetize on Facebook, publishers are finding new ways to circumvent the social giant.

Mobile ad blocking is a clear and present threat

Mobile ad blocking is startlingly widespread, according to the report. While mobile accounts for half the traffic as desktop, mobile websites are blocked at three times the rate of desktop sites. Ad blocking percentages were similar across iPhone and Android devices.

How a single deal with a decidedly unhip tech company built the Vice media behemoth

In 2009, when most media outlets were selling display ads for pennies per click to support their burgeoning web businesses, Vice was cutting a multi-million dollar advertising deal that would become the foundation of its media empire.

The Washington Post: ‘We are a growing business’

Total ad revenue is up year over year, led by a 48 percent increase in digital sales through August. Within digital, Hartman wrote that the biggest increase is in native advertising, up 275 percent; followed by programmatic, up 92 percent; and video, up 82 percent.

BuzzFeed Regroups as Media Turns Video-Centric

For years, BuzzFeed has been viewed as a digital success story. Its viral content has been the envy of the media industry and its business model, built on so-called native advertising rather than display ads, enticed brands that wanted to reach younger demographics.

With Facebook’s power growing, publishers scramble to connect directly with audiences

After years of guzzling at the platforms’ traffic spigot, publishers’ worst fears are coming true. The platforms have inserted themselves between publishers and their readers, making it harder for publishers to make money off them.

Publishers, we know you’re busy generating great content. That’s why we’ve collected a list of the top advertising stories from the week. Now that we’ve optimized your list of must-read industry news, let us optimize your revenue from native and recommended content. Try Tiller today.

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