Yahoo has released their annual State of Native report, using data from 74.5 billion native ad impressions across their network. In North America, native advertising accounts for 33% of Yahoo’s global advertising demand. Sign up for Tiller today to monetize your site with multiple recommended content ad providers and get your slice of the native pie.

Why newspaper subscriptions are on the rise

So much for the death of the newspaper industry. A recent Nielsen Scarborough study found that more than 169 million U.S. adults now read newspapers every month, in print, online or mobile. That’s almost 70 percent of the population.

Yahoo’s state of native report & infographic

In the past year, mobile usage hit critical mass, and as a result, both marketers and publishers are searching for new ways to get a larger slice of the mobile pie.

Why server-to-server won’t displace header bidding

It’s hard to make the wonkiest areas of ad tech sexy, so there is a tendency to trumpet the rise of server-side products as signaling a death knell of header bidding. On-page bidding will stick around for awhile. While more publishers continue to adopt server-to-server connections, few go all in.

How four international news outlets are creating truly digitally native content (and making money off it)

News outlets are adjusting their strategies as users migrate to more closed messaging platforms.

With brands on board or not, right-wing news is full steam ahead

In the months leading up to and following the US presidential election, publishers with right-wing and occasionally extremist views, such as Breitbart and InfoWars, have joined stalwarts like the Drudge Report and Newsmax on the Republican right. In spite of their growing audiences, monetization can be tough for these challengers.

Publishers, we know you’re busy generating great content. That’s why we’ve collected a list of the top advertising stories from the month. Now that we’ve optimized your list of must-read industry news, let us optimize your revenue from native and recommended content. Try Tiller today.

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