In this week’s In Case You Missed It, the FTC’s interest in influencer marketing is proof of its potential as a marketing strategy, while Google is selling native programmatic to travel brands such as Hilton. In other news, Time, Inc. has reduced their projected revenue growth. Time’s advertising is up five percent, but subscriptions and newsstand sales are plummeting. Read more below.

Google Is Targeting Travel Marketers to Buy Native Programmatic Ads

In July, Google started offering native programmatic buying through its DoubleClick network with a pilot program that lets publishers make their so-called native advertising inventory available to brands. Brands can run multiple native campaigns by uploading all of the bits of the ad—including creative, text and a headline—and then Google’s ad platform adjusts them to fit the dimensions and context of individual publisher sites and apps.

The FTC isn’t going to save influencer marketing from itself, but the industry could

Though there are no firm estimates of the size of the market, a 2015 report from Launchmetrics found that 75 percent of brands are using influencer marketing to engage with consumers.

Time Inc. Further Reduces Revenue Expectations For 2016

Time Inc.’s executives are bullish about the company’s future, but that didn’t stop them from further lowering the amount of revenue growth projected for 2016. The company now expects 2016 revenue to land somewhere between down 1% from 2015 and flat. In early August, the company revised down estimates from 1% to 5% year-over-year growth to between flat and up 1.5%.

Facebook Will Open Sponsored Messaging In Messenger

Businesses will only be allowed to target sponsored content to users they’re already in a conversation with, either through a bot interaction or a “click to message” ad in the news feed, Ingrid Lunden writes at TechCrunch.

Three on ad blocking and ‘pissing off Google’

Tom Malleschitz, CMO at Three, said the mobile system is broken and that customers are getting annoyed with mobile advertisers. However, he added that although the ad blocking tests Three tried earlier in the year with Shine were successful, with 86% of customers satisfied, ad blocking is not the solution to the mobile ad problem.

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