Dear Digital Publishers,

Our industry is undergoing rapid change. From the rise of native advertising, to ad blockers and bot fraud eating away at the bottom line, you are presented with new opportunities and obstacles at every turn.

Staying competitive as a publisher in 2016 will require you to think differently, manage efficiently, and execute a sound cross-device revenue strategy.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Tiller, a publisher-side platform for native and recommended content. Tiller puts you back at the helm of your business and gives you the power to manage, measure & maximize your advertising revenue.

Revenue from native advertising is swiftly outrunning display. With a higher draw of consumer attention, increased purchase intent, and respectful user experience—spending on native advertising will nearly triple over the next three years—from $8 billion in 2015 to $21 billion in 2018. You deserve a native platform that gives you the tools, reporting, and analytics needed to make the right business decisions.

Pre-launch, more than 100 publisher partners have joined Tiller and we’ve already optimized over 8 billion native ads. Utilizing new tools and reliable data, our publishers feel empowered to make better choices for their digital properties. They’re seeing results that include dramatic workflow improvement, enhanced ad quality, and revenue increases of over 200 percent.

Now, we’re ready to bring Tiller to a broader audience of innovative publishers. Learn more and sign up for your free trial today.

Why Tiller?

In our 10 years of experience working with digital publishers and building industry-leading advertising technology, we’ve watched native skyrocket and identified the gaps that hinder adoption.

We understand the digital publishing business, we’ve built platforms with extreme scale, we’ve tested the algorithms, and we know what publishers need to thrive.

Tiller was engineered with this in mind, which is why we built a fully distributed global infrastructure, serving from over 200,000 global end-points. Our lightweight tag management system and robust analytics accelerate smarter, data-driven decisions.

We’re here to help you navigate native, solving industry pain points to enable growth. Here’s how:

Tag Management, Solved.

Publishers squander time and money troubleshooting the advertising providers on their properties, manually managing tags, and comparing the data.

Tiller gives you one tag to rule them all—consolidating management of advertising partners into a single global site tag and freeing up your resources to create excellent content and execute on analytics to maximize revenue.

With Tiller, you’ll be more efficient and LEANer than ever. Our tag technology was designed to be lightweight, lightning fast, and efficient; improving user experience, and eliminating the need for developer intervention.

Audience Growth, Accelerated.

Publishers must be able to attribute and measure all inbound traffic sources in order to properly allocate audience acquisition spending.

Tiller takes the guesswork out of attribution, allowing you to target and report on data specific to each traffic partner so you can accurately identify high and low value traffic and respond immediately.

Optimization, Made Intelligent.

Whether a publisher is working with one content network or many, a one-size-fits-all strategy does not work for native.

Tiller ensures that you are running the right ads, on the right device, with the right provider, and offers both manual and automated optimization. Publishers can manage, test, and optimize any ad provider, including Taboola, Gravity, MGID, Content.Ad, AdBlade, RevContent, Outbrain, AdSense and more.

Our Cruise Control℠ technology intelligently optimizes and determines the best combination of ads for your site using advanced machine-learning algorithms. Tiller thinks for you, making the best possible decisions in real-time, while maximizing quality and ad revenue.

Decision-Making, Empowered.

Too often publishers are missing key data needed to make great decisions to scale their ad operations.

Tiller empowers your decision-making. With Tiller, you’ll have all the data you always wished for, and more. Our platform offers robust, cross-device reporting and valuable insights at every level to maximize user engagement and ad revenue.

“I haven’t seen anything that works as seamlessly and efficiently as Tiller.”

This is just one example of the praise we’ve received from a major publisher, and it’s only the beginning. Tiller will continue innovating in native, leading the way with the most comprehensive publisher-side platform for your evolving needs.

Get in on the ground floor of the next big thing in publishing. Try Tiller today.

To your success,

Stephen Gill & Gabriel Malca


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