In this month’s In Case You Missed It, we learn why SSPs are here to stay despite the alternative solutions many publishers prefer. Plus, Raju Narisetti, CEO of the renamed Gizmodo Media Group, sounds off on his plans for the Gawker Media sites acquired by Univision. Vox Media, which hired its first ever COO, also has some exciting plans in the works (Think video and native). And while native continues to grow as a leading source of ad revenue for publishers worldwide, China is having a hard time making it work as well as its international counterparts.

‘They will hang around forever’: Why SSPs aren’t going anywhere

Ad tech might move fast, but technology has a tendency to linger.

Univision’s plans for the former Gawker sites: A shared business backend, less duplication, and a push into TV

What exactly is Fusion? is a question many asked when the Univision- and ABC/Disney-backed television venture first launched, and asked again when it began hiring big-name journalists to helm its digital news arm, and again when the news site debuted in 2015.

Vox Media Names First COO as Focus Turns to Video, Native Ads

Vox Media Inc., operator of the Verge and Recode news sites, named its first chief operating officer, promoting a longtime employee to oversee the company’s expansion into video and so-called native advertising.

In China, Native Ads Are Getting Lost In Translation

Despite reports of a slowing economy, digital ad spend in China is predicted by eMarketer to double from $40.42 billion last year to more than $80 billion in 2020. However, native ads in China are not performing as well as their international counterparts. The reasons are fairly simple and straightforward: Many of the basic components and best practices for native advertising haven’t been adopted yet in China.

Publishers, we know you’re busy generating great content. That’s why we’ve collected a list of the top advertising stories from the month. Now that we’ve optimized your list of must-read industry news, let us optimize your revenue from native and recommended content. Try Tiller today.

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